Weeds cause gridlock and business chaos in Lancaster

by Gary West


Busineses are feeling the effects of a Japanese Knotweed outbreak in Lancaster.

The plant has been blamed as the cause behind a road closure on a busy main road in the city.

Construction of student accommodation near to Caton Road and Bulk Road has been complicated because of the destructive weed being spotted under a wall.

The Eric Wright Group is undertaking work for Hines UK to remove the retaining wall which runs along part of Caton Road, and as a result, one lane has been closed.

The closure has caused anger amongst general road users, and businesses in the immediate area.

Ian Fenwick, from Avis on Caton Road, criticised the lack of communication.

He said: "I had no idea about the road closure. No letter, no phone call, not even word of mouth."

Businesswoman, Jan Stretch, said: "I know it's causing traffic jams but the lads over there have been really helpful to us. They've done everything that they possibly can to make it so we've got access into our yard all the time.

"They haven't done anything to upset us at all, however I didn't receive anything informing me of the work."

The manager of Lancaster BID, Rachael Wilkinson, added: "The one way system in Lancaster is the main thoroughfare around the city centre.

"Businesses should expect to receive advance notice when major disruption is expected."

A statement from Lancashire County Council clarifying the situation read: "The work is being done by the Eric Wright Group to their development site, and consists of removing a retaining wall and Japanese Knotweed.

"Removing the wall with all the earth behind is quite a big job, and the traffic lane needs to be closed for safety reasons."

Lancashire County Council has said that the lane closure will be in place for eight to 12 weeks.

Friday, July 7, 2017 at 10:28AM
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