Tories triumph in Lancaster as party takes county council


In the 10 seats up for grabs in the Lancaster and Morecambe district today, the Conservatives have won the most, taking five seats in the Lancashire County Council elections.

Lancaster city centre.
Lancaster city centre.

Meanwhile, Labour won four seats and the Greens won one.

Andrew Gardiner won the Heysham Division for the Tories, with 1,758 votes, followed by Labour. The Tories also won in the Lancaster Rural East Division, with the Lib Dems coming second.

Phillippa Williamson won the Lancaster Rural North division for the Conservatives, with Tony Jones winning Morecambe North Divisiob for the Tories. Charles Edwards won in Morecambe South Division for the party, taking the seat from Darren Clifford.

Labour won in Lancaster East Division, with Lizzi Collinge taking 2,010 votes. Labour also won in Lancaster South East Division, with Estelle Lewis winning.

Elizabeth Pattison won Morecambe Central Division for Labour, while Jean Parr won Skerton Division.

The Greens scored their only win in Lancaster Central Division, with Gina Dowding taking Lancaster Central Division with 2,206 votes.

The result means the Conservative Party has taken control of Lancashire County Council.

The full results for the county are as follows:

Conservative: 46; Labour: 30; Liberal Democrat: 4; Independent: 2; Green Party: 1; UKIP: 1.

Total: 84 seats.

Meanwhile, in the election for Morecambe Town Council, Labour won in the Out Moss Lane Parish Ward, while the Liberal Democrats won Lune Drive Parish Ward.

Friday, May 5, 2017 at 5:31PM
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