Testing time for city business

by Gary West


North Lancashire digital agency, Fat Media, has invested in a new user testing facility, which will form a core part of their service.

The Lancaster based business has decided that the new equipment will be based in their Bristol office.

It features a 'lab', where users are invited by Fat Media to test websites and digital media with a brand. The findings from the sessions will then be used to form the basis of brand and communication strategies.

Managing director of the business, John French, said: "With increased competition in all markets, the customer must now lead marketing strategy.

"A customer’s perception of a brand, and whether they choose to buy into that brand, are often led by their online user experience. For agencies like Fat Media it means we put the customer first in any project, be it a website or a digital marketing campaign."

Chris Walthall is the lead UX designer at Fat Media, and he said: "Fat Media has invested in the testing lab in Bristol, with a full mounting solution to monitor not only the person’s interactions with the website or campaign, but also their facial expressions and body language."

Mr Walthall added: "We hope soon to add to this with eye tracking technology. The set up is also fully mobile, so where needed, we can take the lab to the client and of course their customers."

Turnover is up by nearly 50 per cent in 12 months and staff numbers have doubled at Fat Media. The business was established in 2005.

Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:38AM
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