PM told 'Morecambe needs an enterprise zone'


Morecambe's MP has made calls for an enterprise zone to be set up for a local industrial estate.

David Morris
David Morris

Speaking in the House of Commons, David Morris, said: "I am also trying to obtain an enterprise zone or business park, about which I had a productive meeting yesterday with the powerhouse Minister and the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, who I believe is here today.

"Would my Rt Hon. Friend (the Prime Minister) help, in any way possible, to ensure that this business park becomes a reality so that we can create more jobs in Morecambe and Lunesdale?"

In response Damian Green MP said: "I agree with my hon. Friend. He will be interested to know that employment in the north-west of England has increased by 2.5 per cent over the past year.

"The Labour benchers may wish to welcome that, rather than to heckle.

"He is absolutely right to highlight the importance of business parks and enterprise zones as drivers of economic growth.

"I wish him well in his campaign, and I am sure that the Business Secretary will be happy to look into the matter."

Mr Morris had previously raised the issue during PMQs in January, after first touting the idea two years ago.

During the budget statement in July 2015, the chancellor announced a new round of enterprise zones which Enterprise Partnerships could apply for.

Mr Morris said that following the completion of the Bay Gateway an Enterprise Zone on White Lund would be a "natural" choice.

Speaking at the time, Mr Morris said: " Morecambe needs more money on top of the £1 billion that was delivered by the previous Government. I am sure that, with the Secretary of State’s help, we can do better.

"An Enterprise Zone on White Lund is a great opportunity for the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership to build on the link road construction and create a project in another part of Lancashire from their Preston based projects.

"White Lund is a thriving hub of business already, with companies who export around the world, but as an Enterprise Zone it can flourish even further."

Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 2:26PM
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