Lancaster Music Festival partners with local businesses

By Adam Bysouth


Organisers of the annual Lancaster Music Festival are seeking partnership s with local businesses as they prepare for the annual event.

The festival receives no local or national funding and is reliant on donations from sources such as the Lancaster Business Improvement District (BID) and sponsorship from local businesses.

Festival coordinator Ben Ruth said: “We have developed a different business model which has generated interest from a number of festivals around the country.

“Local businesses have partnered and sponsored us both in monetary terms and in kind which has helped us grow the festival year-on-year.

“In return we have been able to provide our partners with an audience, which has grown beyond Lancaster and Lancashire to a continental reach in 2016.”

Now in its ninth year, organisers have received hundreds of applications for local, national and international bands to perform in front of a diverse audience of over 70,000 people.

Festival Business Development Officer Jonathan Vince said: "Sponsoring the festival provides businesses with a fantastic opportunity to reach a diverse audience, the festival website received 2.1m hits last year, had a Twitter and Facebook reach of over 100,000 whilst contributing to the district’s largest visitor event of the year".

In 2017 we are looking for forward-thinking organisations to partner with us as we take the festival to the next level.”

The festival has grown significantly since it began in 2009 as a three day event for live music in 18 pubs and clubs around the city.

Now running as a five day event with over 400 acts playing more than 40 venues generating over £2m for the local economy.

Mr Ruth added: "We have had a fantastic response from local, national and international acts to play at this year's festival.

“With two weeks to go before applications close we have received over five hundred requests to play the festival.”

Activities have not been confined to pubs across the area.

2017 will see the third year of collaboration between the festival and the Duchy of Lancaster within the grounds of Lancaster castle.

A main stage for live performances has been constructed within the grounds of the historic landmark.

Williamson Park has also been transformed into a live music venue along with many of the public squares within the city centre.

Outdoor events director Lucy Reynolds said: “It is great to bring live music to those who are not able to visit licensed venues and we put a particular emphasis on attracting families and young people to our events."

The event has been made possible with over 3,000 volunteer hours, 75 per cent of which are professional.

The event is scheduled to take place between October 12-16.

Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 8:40AM
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