Kendal company to launch products in UK after success overseas

By Adam Bysouth


A Cumbrian company is set to launch its products in UK supermarkets after finding success abroad.

Kendal Nutricare's Ross McMahon.
Kendal Nutricare's Ross McMahon.

Pharmaceutical research company Kendal Nutricare has sold its Kendamil brand of infant formula products to 8,000 stores across China

Main operations were conducted from the former Heinz factory on Mint Bridge Road, Kendal.

The company is the only manufacturer in Britain to produce the formula, which uses a recipe containing full-cream nutrients with fatty acids derived from cow’s milk.

It will launch in UK supermarket Morrisons in June and Asda in August.

Chief executive Ross McMahon invested capital in the former Heinz factory’s infrastructure so it could operate at capacity.

Mr McMahon said: "Kendamil’s success will mean additional job opportunities at Kendal Nutricare, across a variety of disciplines, which has to be good for local employment.

“Additionally, because we have named all brands after Kendal, we are marketing the town on an international stage, because the provenance of the “Lake District” matters to overseas buyers.

“By showcasing Kendal, and its ability to produce world-class products, we should also be helping with inward investment to the town. This again means that ‘Kendamil’ is positively impacting on Kendal’s future.”

The company is scheduled to exhibit at the world’s biggest mother and baby show in Shanghai - The Children, Baby and Maternity Expo - in July and has created an additional 30 jobs in its Kendal factory as a result of its success overseas.

The business will also use the show as a platform to launch a brand new smoothie named Kendalife.

The product is intended to be used after exercise to provide extra nutritional support.

Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 9:46AM
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