Concern for 'thriving' Lancaster industrial estate

By Adam Bysouth


Concerns have been raised at plans to build 263 homes on a "thriving" industrial estate in Lancaster.

Lune Industrial Estate
Lune Industrial Estate

Firms on the Lune Industrial Estate have been contacted by their landlord Manchester-based owner Hurstwood, which has submitted a proposal to convert the land to residential use with the city council.

This letter says the application "is now at an advanced stage", and points out the land the estate sits on has been identified as suitable for housing.

The developer has offered businesses help with relocation and has described the land's conversion to a housing estate as "inevitable".

But the firms in the estate think, with fresh investment, it could have a bright future.

Mel Welsh, director of A1 Supa Skips, which is based on the estate, said: “I feel that with the correct investment and infrastructure, the Lune Industrial Estate could be a thriving area providing excellent opportunities for small businesses with affordable rents without creating significant vehicle movements against 260 plus households and their associated vehicles.”

"I would like Hurstwood to discuss with us how we can work together on their proposal," Mr Welsh added.

Chris Balmer, director of STS Manufacturing, also based on the estate, said: “It is a very difficult proposition for any business not being able to manage your future and not knowing how secure you are and not having a place to work."

“The estate is thriving," he added.

"It is not run down, decrepit or disused. It really is doing quite well.

“Sticking 200-odd houses here when you can see the amount of traffic that is coming through is not really that feasible.”

Senior development surveyor for Hurstwood Matthew Bint said: “We are in consultation with the tenants within the industrial estate to help them understand what the local market is in terms of alternative locations.

“Those discussions are between just us and the tenants in terms of what we can offer them in the hope of us being able to assist with their relocation.

“The letter that was sent out was broad and it was just an initial instruction from ourselves to the tenants on the estate and we are willing to listen to them in terms of how we can assist with the transition.

“We are due to send out another letter giving them further options of local industrial units that are on the market.

“It is not just one letter.

“We will be sending numerous ones.

“And as and when the tenants take up the option to come in contact with us we will be happy to assist them.”

Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 8:47AM
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